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> <http://sparcv9.blogspot.com/2011/12/solaris-11-illumos-and-source.html>
>> If I "upgrade" ZFS to use the new features in Solaris 11 I will be unable
>> to import my pool using the free ZFS implementation that is available in
>> illumos based distributions
> Is that accurate?  I understand if the S11 version is ahead of illumos, of
> course I can't use the same pools in both places, but that is the same
> problem as using an S11 pool on S10.  The author is implying a much worse
> situation, that there are zfs "tracks" in addition to versions and that S11
> is now on a different track and an S11 pool will not be usable elsewhere,
> "ever".  I hope it's just a misrepresentation.

Hard to say.  Suppose Oracle releases no details on any additions to
the on-disk ZFS format since build 147...  then either the rest of the
ZFS developer community forks for good, or they have to reverse
engineer Oracle's additions.  Even if Oracle does release details on
their additions, what if the external ZFS developer community
disagrees vehemently with any of those?  And what if the open source
community adds extensions that Oracle never adopts?  A fork is not yet
a reality, but IMO it sure looks likely.

Of course, you can still manage to have pools that will work on all
implementations -- until the day that implementations start removing
older formats anyways, which not only could happen, but I think will
happen, though probably not until S10 is EOLed, and in any case
probably not for a few years yet, likely not even within the next half
decade.  It's hard to predict such things though, so take the above
with some (or lots!) of salt.

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