On Dec 27, 2011, at 9:20 PM, Frank Cusack wrote:

> <http://sparcv9.blogspot.com/2011/12/solaris-11-illumos-and-source.html>
> If I "upgrade" ZFS to use the new features in Solaris 11 I will be unable to 
> import my pool using the free ZFS implementation that is available in illumos 
> based distributions
> Is that accurate?  I understand if the S11 version is ahead of illumos, of 
> course I can't use the same pools in both places, but that is the same 
> problem as using an S11 pool on S10.  The author is implying a much worse 
> situation, that there are zfs "tracks" in addition to versions and that S11 
> is now on a different track and an S11 pool will not be usable elsewhere, 
> "ever".  I hope it's just a misrepresentation.

I think the author has a valid point ;)

I probably should have written zpools instead of ZFS in that sentence. It is 
same as always with different pool version and features, but in this case we 
don't now if they will be implemented and implemented in the same way outside 
of Oracle after zpool version 28 since we do not have the source and Oracle 
does't want to play with us.


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