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> Richard Elling wrote:
>> many of the former Sun ZFS team
>> regularly contribute to ZFS through the illumos developer community.
> Does this mean that if they provide a bug fix via illumos then the fix won't
> make it into the Oracle code?

If you're an Oracle customer you should report any ZFS bugs you find
to Oracle if you want fixes in Solaris.  You may want to (and I
encourage you to) report such bugs to Illumos if at all possible
(i.e., unless your agreement with Oracle or your employer's policies
somehow prevent you from doing so).

The following is complete speculation.  Take it with salt.

With reference to your question, it may mean that Oracle's ZFS team
would have to come up with their own fixes to the same bugs.  Oracle's
legal department would almost certainly have to clear the copying of
any non-trivial/obvious fix from Illumos into Oracle's ON tree.  And
if taking a fix from Illumos were to require opening the affected
files (because they are under CDDL in Illumos) then executive
management approval would also be required.  But the most likely case
is that the issue simply wouldn't come up in the first place because
Oracle's ZFS team would almost certainly ignore the Illumos repository
(perhaps not the Illumos bug tracker, but probably that too) as that's
simply the easiest way for them to avoid legal messes.  Think about
it.  Besides, I suspect that from Oracle's point of view what matters
are bug reports by Oracle customers to Oracle, so if a bug fixed in
Illumos is never reported to Oracle by a customer, it would likely
never get fixed in Solaris either except by accident, as a result of
another change.

Also, the Oracle ZFS team is not exactly devoid of clue, even with the
departures from it to date.  I suspect they will be able to fix bugs
in Oracle's ZFS and completely independently of the open ZFS
community, even if it means duplicating effort.

That said, Illumos is a fork of OpenSolaris, and as such it and
Solaris will necessarily diverge as at least one of the two (and
probably both, for a while) gets plenty of bug fixes and enhancements.
 This is a good thing, not a bad thing, at least for now.

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