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>> Richard Elling wrote:
>>>  many of the former Sun ZFS team
>>> regularly contribute to ZFS through the illumos developer community.
>> Does this mean that if they provide a bug fix via illumos then the fix won't
>> make it into the Oracle code?

I can't speak for Oracle, but I think the entire ZFS community benefits when
bugs are fixed. Squeaky wheels get the grease, so squeak often.

> If you're an Oracle customer you should report any ZFS bugs you find
> to Oracle if you want fixes in Solaris.  You may want to (and I
> encourage you to) report such bugs to Illumos if at all possible
> (i.e., unless your agreement with Oracle or your employer's policies
> somehow prevent you from doing so).


> The following is complete speculation.  Take it with salt.
> With reference to your question, it may mean that Oracle's ZFS team
> would have to come up with their own fixes to the same bugs.  Oracle's
> legal department would almost certainly have to clear the copying of
> any non-trivial/obvious fix from Illumos into Oracle's ON tree.  And
> if taking a fix from Illumos were to require opening the affected
> files (because they are under CDDL in Illumos) then executive
> management approval would also be required.  But the most likely case
> is that the issue simply wouldn't come up in the first place because
> Oracle's ZFS team would almost certainly ignore the Illumos repository
> (perhaps not the Illumos bug tracker, but probably that too) as that's
> simply the easiest way for them to avoid legal messes.  Think about
> it.  Besides, I suspect that from Oracle's point of view what matters
> are bug reports by Oracle customers to Oracle, so if a bug fixed in
> Illumos is never reported to Oracle by a customer, it would likely
> never get fixed in Solaris either except by accident, as a result of
> another change.
> Also, the Oracle ZFS team is not exactly devoid of clue, even with the
> departures from it to date.  I suspect they will be able to fix bugs
> in Oracle's ZFS and completely independently of the open ZFS
> community, even if it means duplicating effort.

Yes, Oracle continues to develop and sustain its Solaris products. This
can only be viewed as a good thing.

> That said, Illumos is a fork of OpenSolaris, and as such it and
> Solaris will necessarily diverge as at least one of the two (and
> probably both, for a while) gets plenty of bug fixes and enhancements.
> This is a good thing, not a bad thing, at least for now.

Evolution continues, despite the rhetoric from the pulpit :-)
 -- richard


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