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> > Can somebody guide me? What's the easiest way out of this mess, so that I
> > can move from what is now a simple two-disk zpool (less than 50% full) to a
> > three-disk raidz configuration, starting with one unused disk?
> - use the one new disk to create a temporary pool
> - copy the data ("zfs snapshot -r" + "zfs send -R | zfs receive")
> - destroy old pool
> - create a three-disk raidz pool using two disks and a fake device,
> something like http://www.dev-eth0.de/creating-raidz-with-missing-device/

.. copy data from temp to new pool, quite important step ;)

> - destroy the temporary pool
> - replace the fake device with now-free disk
> - export the new pool
> - import the new pool and rename it in the process: "zpool import
> temp_pool_name old_pool_name"

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