Wait, I'm not following the last few steps you suggest. Comments inline:

On 03/07/12 17:03, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
- use the one new disk to create a temporary pool
- copy the data ("zfs snapshot -r" + "zfs send -R | zfs receive")
- destroy old pool
- create a three-disk raidz pool using two disks and a fake device,
something like http://www.dev-eth0.de/creating-raidz-with-missing-device/

Don't I need to copy the data back from the temporary pool to the new raidz 
pool at this point?
I'm not understanding the process beyond this point, can you clarify please?

- destroy the temporary pool

So this leaves the data intact on the disk?

- replace the fake device with now-free disk

So this replicates the data on the previously-free disk across the raidz pool?

What's the point of the following export/import steps? Renaming? Why can't I 
just give the old pool name to the raidz pool when I create it?

- export the new pool
- import the new pool and rename it in the process: "zpool import
temp_pool_name old_pool_name"



In the end I
want the three-disk raidz to have the same name (and mount point) as the
original zpool. There must be an easy way to do this.

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