read the link please
it seems that afmter you create the  radiz1 zpool
you need to destroy the fakedisk so it will have contains data when you to the 
copy the data by following the steps in the link

replace the  fakedisk withnthe real disk

this is a good approach that i did not know before

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On Mar 7, 2012, at 17:48, Bob Doolittle <> wrote:

> Wait, I'm not following the last few steps you suggest. Comments inline:
> On 03/07/12 17:03, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
>> - use the one new disk to create a temporary pool
>> - copy the data ("zfs snapshot -r" + "zfs send -R | zfs receive")
>> - destroy old pool
>> - create a three-disk raidz pool using two disks and a fake device,
>> something like
> Don't I need to copy the data back from the temporary pool to the new raidz 
> pool at this point?
> I'm not understanding the process beyond this point, can you clarify please?
>> - destroy the temporary pool
> So this leaves the data intact on the disk?
>> - replace the fake device with now-free disk
> So this replicates the data on the previously-free disk across the raidz pool?
> What's the point of the following export/import steps? Renaming? Why can't I 
> just give the old pool name to the raidz pool when I create it?
>> - export the new pool
>> - import the new pool and rename it in the process: "zpool import
>> temp_pool_name old_pool_name"
> Thanks!
> -Bob
>>> In the end I
>>> want the three-disk raidz to have the same name (and mount point) as the
>>> original zpool. There must be an easy way to do this.
>> Nope.
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