Lots of suggestions (not included here), but ...

    With the exception of Cindy's suggestion of using 4 disks and
mirroring (zpool attach two new disks to existing vdevs), I would
absolutely NOT do anything unless I had a known good backup of the
data! I have seen too many cases described here on this list of people
trying complicated procedures with ZFS and making one small mistake
and loosing their data, or spending weeks or months trying to recover

    Regarding IMPORT / EXPORT, these functions are have two real
purposes in my mind:

1. you want to move a zpool from one host to another. You EXPORT from
the first host, physically move the disks, then IMPORT on the new

2. You want (or need) to physically change the connectivity between
the disks and the host, and implicit in that is that the device paths
will change. EXPORT, change connectivity, IMPORT. Once again I have
seen many cases described on this list of folks who moved disks
around, which ZFS is _supposed_ to handle, but then had a problem.

    I use ZFS first for reliability and second for performance. With
that in mind, one of my primary rules for ZFS is to NOT move disks
around without first exporting the zpool. I have done some pretty rude
things regarding devices underlying vdev disappearing and then much
later reappearing (mostly in test, but occasionally in production),
and I have yet to lose any data, BUT none of the devices changed path
in the process.

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 4:38 PM, Bob Doolittle <bob.doolit...@oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I had a single-disk zpool (export) and was given two new disks for expanded
> storage. All three disks are identically sized, no slices/partitions. My
> goal is to create a raidz1 configuration of the three disks, containing the
> data in the original zpool.
> However, I got off on the wrong foot by doing a "zpool add" of the first
> disk. Apparently this has simply increased my storage without creating a
> raidz config.
> Unfortunately, there appears to be no simple way to just remove that disk
> now and do a proper raidz create of the other two. Nor am I clear on how
> import/export works and whether that's a good way to copy content from one
> zpool to another on a single host.
> Can somebody guide me? What's the easiest way out of this mess, so that I
> can move from what is now a simple two-disk zpool (less than 50% full) to a
> three-disk raidz configuration, starting with one unused disk? In the end I
> want the three-disk raidz to have the same name (and mount point) as the
> original zpool. There must be an easy way to do this.

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