Hey Ned and Everyone,

This was new news to use too and we're just talking over some options
afternoon so please give us a chance to regroup and provide some

This list will be shutdown but we can start a new one on java.net. There is
a huge
ecosystem around Solaris and ZFS, particularly within Oracle. Many of us
are still
here because we are passionate about ZFS, Solaris 11 and even Solaris 10. I
think we have a great product and a lot of info to share.

If you're interested in a rejuvenated ZFS discuss list on java.net, then
drop me a note:

We are also considering a new ZFS page in that community as well. Oracle is
committed to Solaris and ZFS, but they want to consolidate their community
efforts on
java.net, retire some old hardware, and so on.

If you are an Oracle customer with a support contract and you are using
Solaris and ZFS,
and you want to discuss support issues, you should consider that list as


Thanks, Cindy

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 9:00 AM, Edward Ned Harvey
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>  So, I hear, in a couple weeks' time, opensolaris.org is shutting down.
> What does that mean for this mailing list?  Should we all be moving over to
> something at illumos or something?****
> ** **
> I'm going to encourage somebody in an official capacity at opensolaris to
> respond...****
> I'm going to discourage unofficial responses, like, illumos enthusiasts
> etc simply trying to get people to jump this list.****
> ** **
> Thanks for any info ...****
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