Edward Ned Harvey (opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensolaris) wrote:
From: Tim Cook [mailto:t...@cook.ms]

We can agree to disagree.

I think you're still operating under the auspices of Oracle wanting to have an
open discussion.  This is patently false.
I'm just going to respond to this by saying thank you, Cindy, Casper, Neil, and 
others, for all the help over the years.  I think we all agree it was cooler 
when opensolaris was open, but things are beyond our control, so be it.  Moving 
forward, I don't expect Oracle to be any more open than MS or Apple or Google, 
which is to say, I understand there's stuff you can't talk about, and support 
you can't give freely or openly.  But to the extent you're still able to 
discuss publicly known things, thank you.



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