> From: Tim Cook [mailto:t...@cook.ms]
> Why would I spend all that time and
> energy participating in ANOTHER list controlled by Oracle, when they have
> shown they have no qualms about eliminating it with basically 0 warning, at
> their whim?

>From an open source, community perspective, I understand and agree with this 
>sentiment.  If OSS projects behave this way, they die.  The purpose of an 
>oracle-hosted mailing list is not for the sake of being open in any way. It's 
>for the sake of allowing public discussions about their product.  While a 
>certain amount of knowledge will exist with or without the list (people can 
>still download solaris 11 for evaluation purposes and test it out on the honor 
>system) there will be less oracle-specific knowledge in existence without the 
>list.  For anyone who's 100% dedicated to OSS and/or illumos and doesn't care 
>about oracle-specific stuff, there's no reason to use that list.  But for 
>those of us who are sysadmins, developers using eval-licensed solaris, or in 
>any way not completely closed to the possibility of using oracle zfs / 
>solaris...  For those of us, it makes sense.

Guess what, I formerly subscribed to netapp-toasters as well.  Until zfs came 
along and I was able to happily put netapp in my past.  Perhaps someday I'll 
leave zfs behind in favor of btrfs.  But not yet.

Guess what also, there is a very active thriving Microsoft forum out there too. 
 And they don't even let you download MS Office or Windows for evaluation 
purposes - they're even more closed than Oracle in this regard.  They learned 
their lesson about piracy and the honor system.   ;-)

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