Is it possible to replicate the whole opensolaris site to 
illumos/openindiana/smartos/omnios site in a sub-catalog as archive?

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>Hello Cindy,
>Are there any plans to preserve the official mailing lists' archives, or will 
>go the way of Jive forums and the future digs for bits of knowledge would rely
>on alternate mirrors and caches?
>I understand that Oracle has some business priorities, but retiring hardware
>causes site shutdown? They've gotta be kidding, with all the buzz about clouds
>and virtualization ;)
>I'd guess, you also are not authorized to say whether Oracle might permit
>re-use (re-hosting) of current OpenSolaris.Org materials or even give away
>the site and domain for community steering and rid itself of more black PR by
>shooting down another public project of the Sun legacy (hint: if the site does
>wither and die in community's hands - it is not Oracle's fault; and if it 
>lives on -
>Oracle did something good for karma... win-win, at no price).
>Thanks for your helpfulness in the past years, //Jim
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