| On 2013-02-17 01:17:58, Tim Cook wrote:
| While I'm sure many appreciate the offer as I do, I can tell you for me
| personally: never going to happen.  Why would I spend all that time and
| energy participating in ANOTHER list controlled by Oracle, when they have
| shown they have no qualms about eliminating it with basically 0 warning, at
| their whim?  I'll be sticking to the illumos lists that I'm confident will
| be turned over to someone else should the current maintainers decide they
| no longer wish to contribute to the project.  On the flip side, I think we
| welcome all Oracle employees to participate in that list should corporate
| policy allow you to.

The current maintainers (Pobox.com, Listbox.com) have a long history with open
source software in the Perl community, both on the CPAN and more recently with
employee time being allocated for work on the interpreter releases.

Pobox is in love with both email _and_ open source.

We're also halfway done migrating our systems from Solaris (which we've run
since 2006) to OmniOS. Like many other companies represented on the zfs list,
Pobox/Listbox is betting on illumos. We'll continue to play nicely.

If something occurs and we can no longer host the services we currently do, I
personally guarantee a cordial handover (more than likely to something Josh and
I set up.)

Furthermore, at my dayjob, we're deploying Joyent's SmartDatacenter in a
non-trivial way, and so I'm also committed to the success of SmartOS.

Finally: There are still a lot of knowledgable people with good ethics doing
good work at Oracle. I'd love to see them on the illumos lists.

(If anyone wants to grump about that, they should ask to borrow that particular
Oracle employees shoes to walk a mile in, before they stick one of their own in
their mouth.)

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