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> Hey Ned and Everyone,
> This was new news to use too and we're just talking over some options
> yesterday
> afternoon so please give us a chance to regroup and provide some
> alternatives.
> This list will be shutdown but we can start a new one on java.net. There
> is a huge
> ecosystem around Solaris and ZFS, particularly within Oracle. Many of us
> are still
> here because we are passionate about ZFS, Solaris 11 and even Solaris 10. I
> think we have a great product and a lot of info to share.
> If you're interested in a rejuvenated ZFS discuss list on java.net, then
> drop me a note:
> cindy.swearin...@oracle.com
> We are also considering a new ZFS page in that community as well. Oracle
> is very
> committed to Solaris and ZFS, but they want to consolidate their community
> efforts on
> java.net, retire some old hardware, and so on.
> If you are an Oracle customer with a support contract and you are using
> Solaris and ZFS,
> and you want to discuss support issues, you should consider that list as
> well:
> https://communities.oracle.com/portal/server.pt/community/oracle_solaris_zfs_file_system/526
> Thanks, Cindy

While I'm sure many appreciate the offer as I do, I can tell you for me
personally: never going to happen.  Why would I spend all that time and
energy participating in ANOTHER list controlled by Oracle, when they have
shown they have no qualms about eliminating it with basically 0 warning, at
their whim?  I'll be sticking to the illumos lists that I'm confident will
be turned over to someone else should the current maintainers decide they
no longer wish to contribute to the project.  On the flip side, I think we
welcome all Oracle employees to participate in that list should corporate
policy allow you to.

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