In any case, do you seriously think this piece of intelligence is
sufficient for
George III to build invasion plans on, even if it were true? After all, do
have any idea how many intelligence services the *U.S.* has? Just a rough

If this is _all_ that they have no, but do you _really_ believe that this
it all of it?
Most likely what we get is just the stuff that they control the least.
I'm not even sure that George knows....

Dan R Allen wrote:

> Dan:
> Saddam may not have ordered the attacks, but it is very likely that he
> involved in the planning, or financial and intel support.
> "the CIA is looking into whether one of the suicide pilots in the Sept.
> attacks - Mohammed Atta - met Iraqi agents while he was organizing his
> terrorist cell in the German city of Hamburg."
> "In addition, Jane's Foreign Report, a highly regarded intelligence
> publication, reports that Israel's military intelligence service, Aman,
> suspects that Iraq sponsored the suicide attacks on the World Trade
> and the Pentagon."

I see they haven't given a specific citation to Jane's. Also, CNS is a
of the Media Research Center, whose stated purpose is to be "The Leader in
Documenting, Exposing and Neutralizing Liberal Media Bias"

Gosh, you don't think they'd have a conservative, pro-war bias, do you?

> He has supported, and continues to support the recruitment of suicide
> bombers by paying the surviving families:

Did you even read this? It doesn't talk about Iraq, but *Saudi Arabia*
giving the
survivors cash payments. Sounds like Rumsfeld's confused. The article said
didn't know anything about the Saudi program. Oh well, they all look alike,
they :-/

> "Last week, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld criticized Saddam for
> increasing from $10,000 to $25,000 the compensation he is prepared to pay
> families who send one of their own to become a suicide bomber."

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