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>Enough that I think it should have a lower priority for us to deal with.
>Mostly I think that the terrorists use that claim as a propaganda tool
>without fully believing it. I believe that their hatred of Israel is much
>deeper, and that we are seen mostly as a stick that keeps Israel propped

I think that every Arab nation would drive Israel into the sea if they could, and it 
is the aid of US Jews and other Americans that continue to make that impossible.  Were 
any nation to set up an effective blockade preventing Israel from doing any trade with 
other nations, it would become very weak over time.  And then its Arab neighbors could 
prevail against them.

If this true, then Arabs rightly think that the USA is standing between them and 
victory over Israel.  That would make every anti-Israeli Arab an anti-American.  I 
don't think we can make a meaningful distinction between anti-American terrorists and 
anti-Israeli terrorists.

And I though that President Bush had declared a War on Terrorism rather than a War on 
the Taliban, or a War on Al-Qaeda.  Does this mean that if there is terrorism in 
Europe or some other part of the world that we are not going to respond against it 
with the same vigor we are showing against these Islamic nations?  If so, that proves 
that this so-called War on Terrorism is really just a War on Whomever President Bush 
Doesn't Like.  There is terrorism going on all over the globe.  Maybe we should put an 
end to it somewhere else just to get our morale up for the War on Iraqi Terrorism.  A 
little victory in this war would sure buoy my spirits.  How about you?

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