Dan R Allen wrote:

> John:
> As for you claim that the Saudi's "show a willingness to work with us to at
> least reduce the terrorism," I would like to see you support that
> statement.  15 of the 19 who made the suicide attacks were Saudis.  Osama
> bin Laden is Saudi.  Supposedly the attacks were motivated by his hatred of
> US bases on Saudi soil.  The Saudis are still granting visas for travel to
> the USA by way of various travel agencies, not requiring any screening by
> our embassy there.   The Saudis have been financing much of the terrorism
> in the Middle East.  And it is they who have been putting up money for the
> families of suicide bomber, not Saddam Hussein.
> Dan:
> Where is the evidence that those 15 were sent by the Saudi government?

Their passports. John didn't say they were sent by the Saudi government, he
merely pointed out that they were Saudis, which is true.

> Osama bin Laden was exiled from Saudi Arabia well before the attacks.

On the WTC. But he orchestrated the first WTC bombing and the bombing of the USS
Cole, plus the bombing of a disco in Berlin, from his base in Sudan, where he
likely is now (if not in Kashmir).

> Can you support your statement that the Saudi's are granting visas without
> US approval? Anyone can print anything they want to, but that doesn't mean
> that we have to allow them entry.

I'd want more info on this, too. Country X doesn't issue a visa to visit Country
Y; it's the other way around -- Country Y issues visas to citizens of Country X
to allow them to visit Country Y.

> I'm aware that there is Saudi support for much of the Palestinian
> terrorism,

They bankroll the civilian administration of the PLO to the tune of $250 million
a year.

> but do you have any evidence that they have been supporting
> anti-American terrorism?

The government almost certainly not, but I'm not aware of anyone making that
claim. It is the "fraternal brotherhoods," the "Ikhwan" (association of Moslem
Brotherhood -- like the Knights of Columbus to the Catholics) and madrassam, or
religious schools, that do the fund-raising. They are based in Saudi because
"that's where the money is."

> Last I heard we still have bases in Saudi Arabia -

You have one base near Dhohar, and its status is in doubt. When you build a base
in a foreign country its status is always that of a guest installation of the
host country. You know, like Guantanamo Bay and Panama City. Well, on second
thought, let's not go too far with the hospitality thang.

> much to the consternation of OBL assuming he's still alive of course.
> You need to go back and re-read that article I linked to, specifically the
> paragraph that I also pasted with it.

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