I have no idea what you're talking about.

To repeat, for the third time, Saudi Arabia, nor any other non-US country, has
the right to issue a visa to allow a non-US citizen to visit the US. Only the US
INS can do that. Saudi Arabia, likewise, is the only jurisdiction that has the
authority to permit visas to allow non-Saudis to visit. In practice, women and
tourists are excluded -- only businessmen (gender intended) and hajji are allowed
visitor visas. You can get resident visas with the permission of your Saudi

And what's weird is your confusing statement about satellite dishes. If I took an
electronic picture of my neighbour's Bell ExpressVue satellite dish, which is 3
metres from our kitchen window, and posted it somewhere, would you apologize, and
stop making weird claims?

Jon Spencer wrote:

> This was an ongoing topic on Fox News.  The US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
> and some state department geeks tried to justify it.
> It is true.  If only it were legal to have satellite dishes in Canada (how
> in the world did THAT get to be the case??  That's weird!) you could get
> decent news.
> Jon
> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> > At 04:50 PM 9/27/02 -0600 Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
> > >> Can you support your statement that the Saudi's are granting visas
> without
> > >> US approval? Anyone can print anything they want to, but that doesn't
> mean
> > >> that we have to allow them entry.
> >
> > How about, "I heard it on MSNBC news?"
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