> At 12:58 AM 9/29/02 -0600 Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
> >There's an interesting rumour floating around. Apparently the more
> >expensive versions of the scriptures (like the leather bound ones) are
> >marked as "discontinued" now (this from the owner of an LDS bookstore),
> >although they're still available for individual sale at the Church
> >Distribution Centre online. This couple who owns the bookstore says they
> >were told there's going to be some kind of revision within a year or
> >two.
> >
> >That's all I know. I have no idea if a) the rumour is correct; and if
> >so, b) what kind of "revision" they have in mind.

Grampa Bill comments:
    There has been speculation for some time on adding the "Proclamation on the 
    I doubt it'll be a biggie like the sealed plates from the _Book of Mormon_.
Love y'all,
Grampa Bill in Savannah

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