Marc Schindler:

There's an interesting rumour floating around. Apparently 
the more expensive versions of the scriptures (like the leather 
bound ones) are marked as "discontinued" now (this from the 
owner of an LDS bookstore), although they're still available for 
individual sale at the Church Distribution Centre online. This 
couple who owns the bookstore says they were told there's 
going to be some kind of revision within a year or two.

John Redelfs:

We really needed this, Marc.  It's always good to get in on the 
ground floor of another urban legend. <grin>


[smile] This urban legend will consist of a reworking of the 
LDS printing of the standard works, with some revised 
headers and BD entries.  The TG is also being reviewed.  
This project has been underway for some time now.  

I first heard about this two years ago from sources I deem 
to be reliable, but who were not at liberty to publicly discuss 
the project.

The new pictures in current editions of the scriptures are a 
part of the project.

So, since there will be a reprinting in the next year or so, the 
existing stock of the expensive versions is being allowed 
to deplete, with the distribution center being given priority 
on the ones that are still left.

After all, it has been over 20 years now since they came 
out.  And to think I still see even older copies at Church on 
Sunday.  Some members have really missed out.

Larry Jackson

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