At 06:58 10/1/2002 -0800, BLT wrote:
>At 07:17 AM 10/1/02 -0400 Jon Spencer favored us with:
> >I agree, although I don't know about the wealthy part, unless your speaking
> >in a spiritual sense.  The cost of the deluxe scriptures is minor compared
> >to what they would cost from any other source.  I have had my large print
> >deluxe quad for about 7 years, and it is in wonderful condition.  It should
> >last many more years.
> >
> >Of course, perhaps we should take a page from some of the Apostles, and
> >write furiously in our scriptures, making notes on what the Spirit teaches
> >us, and get a new set a year or two.  Then the less expensive set would
> >suffice quite well.
>I believe it was Dave Crockett who said he bought a new set of scriptures 
>every year so that he could start with one that didn't have any 
>highlighting or underlining, the idea being that we should get something 
>different from our scriptures every year as we grow in the gospel.  I 
>don't follow this practice, but the idea sounds right.

My large print quad got wet on the flight to SLC this August*, so I bought 
a new set of scriptures.  I was thinking of doing it anyway**.  I got the 
regular size, mid-priced version ($35 or some such for the bible) and 
decided I would not be the least bit shy about marking them up.  I took 
notes during education week, classes with Holzapfel, V Ludlow and Robert 
Matthews, taking notes in my new scriptures.  I have a real treasure house 
of markings in there.  I am now in the process of going through the 
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and cross-referencing it with 
scripture.  I am finding associated scriptures with all of the concepts 
that I can and marking all the scriptures in the TPJS and marking TPJS p 
<whatever> in the scriptures next to the verse.  This way, when I hit a 
particular scripture and want to elaborate on it for a talk or for study, I 
have this marvelous little reference volume that has a whole load of 
scripture references right next to Joseph's commentary on the 
subject.  It's proving to be a very large task, but I don't really 
care.  When I get done, I may get a new set of scriptures and use some 
other marking approach, keeping the old one as a reference.  I keep 
thinking I SHOULD go through each conference talk with a set of scriptures 
and back reference the scriptural references that they use.  Of course, 
while doing that, there's no reason not to do what I'm doing with the TPJS 
too.  Maybe I should include a TPJS page number in there too.   I suppose 
someone will suggest I do the same with the Journal of Discourses and the 
History of the Church  8>((  ...and the teachings of all the other modern 
prophets ....


* which Jet Blue has been kind enough to replace, actually.  I pressed my 
wet ones when I got home, so they are serviceable, although not yet 
right.  I now have a new large print quad that is as yet unread and unmarked.

**  I have decided I don't really like the index cuts in the good 
scriptures.  I have a much harder time finding things.  I can thumb through 
a set of scriptures, knowing approximately where things are, then home in 
much quicker than fumbling with those silly tab cuts.  They just seem to 
get in the way all the time, with page blocks not falling through the 
fingers predictably.

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