The Church will be revising the styles of scriptures that they print.  There
have not announced what they are going to do.  Apparently, they are going to
reduce the number of different kinds that they offer.  A few years back, on
a tour of the Distribution Center offered to LDS booksellers, we learned
that the top grade scriptures could only be produced at one place  in the
world - Manchester England.  Thus, they were building a facility to print
them in SLC.  However, rumor has it that they will drop the top of the line
set, but that is only a rumor.

What we do know is that it is very hard to get scriptures from the
Distribution Center; we pretty much sell out immediately after receiving a
shipment, and we can never predict when we might get more in.  What appears
to be happening is that they are waiting for their inventory of existing
scriptures to be reduced prior to offering the new ones.  Thus, those colors
and styles which are the least popular are the most available.

Of course, the contents remain pretty much the same, and the color of you
scriptures or the quality of the binding will probably have little impact on
your entry in the celestial kingdom.  (This is not official church doctrine
of course.  I'm only making a wild guess here.  It could be that anyone with
turquoise scriptures will be limited to the terrestrial kingdom, and those
with brown scriptures - well - you really don't want to know.  :-)


Marc A. Schindler wrote:

There's an interesting rumour floating around. Apparently the more
expensive versions of the scriptures (like the leather bound ones) are
marked as "discontinued" now (this from the owner of an LDS bookstore),
although they're still available for individual sale at the Church
Distribution Centre online. This couple who owns the bookstore says they
were told there's going to be some kind of revision within a year or

That's all I know. I have no idea if a) the rumour is correct; and if
so, b) what kind of "revision" they have in mind.

But just in case it's true, you heard it here first ;-)

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