I agree, although I don't know about the wealthy part, unless your speaking
in a spiritual sense.  The cost of the deluxe scriptures is minor compared
to what they would cost from any other source.  I have had my large print
deluxe quad for about 7 years, and it is in wonderful condition.  It should
last many more years.

Of course, perhaps we should take a page from some of the Apostles, and
write furiously in our scriptures, making notes on what the Spirit teaches
us, and get a new set a year or two.  Then the less expensive set would
suffice quite well.


John W. Redelfs expoused:

> I hope the rumor is wrong.  The top of the line set lasts a lot longer,
and as book it is much more delicious to own.  Although to be sure, there is
no reason that the wealthy among us should be able to afford better bound
scriptures than those who are more modest in the means.

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