Well, I know that when my Mom bought my missionary bible for me, it cost some
C$70.00 and that was in the mid-70s. And by coincidence, the C$ was actually
worth slightly *more* than the US$ at the time. That was an awful lot of money
for a single mom, but she was so proud -- I was the first person in her family
(she's a convert) to go on a mission, and she loved missionaries, always having
them over for dinner, etc. It was the highlight of her life at that time when I
went (how's that for motivation?!)

Jon Spencer wrote:

> I agree, although I don't know about the wealthy part, unless your speaking
> in a spiritual sense.  The cost of the deluxe scriptures is minor compared
> to what they would cost from any other source.  I have had my large print
> deluxe quad for about 7 years, and it is in wonderful condition.  It should
> last many more years.
> Of course, perhaps we should take a page from some of the Apostles, and
> write furiously in our scriptures, making notes on what the Spirit teaches
> us, and get a new set a year or two.  Then the less expensive set would
> suffice quite well.
> Jon
> John W. Redelfs expoused:
> > I hope the rumor is wrong.  The top of the line set lasts a lot longer,
> and as book it is much more delicious to own.  Although to be sure, there is
> no reason that the wealthy among us should be able to afford better bound
> scriptures than those who are more modest in the means.
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