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> >Whatever happened to that? Now that you mention it, you don't hear much 
> about Dr. Skousen these days (at least I don't).
>I've always assumed that his priesthood leaders asked him to "cool it," 
>since it is inappropriate to have denominations growing within the 
>Church.  And like a good high priest it did what was asked.  But then I'm 
>just speculation.  I actually know nothing about the matter.
>John W. Redelfs                                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here is what little I know: He suffered a heart attack a year or so ago, 
and I think he turned all of his "involvement" over to his son in law, 
Glenn Kimber. W. Cleon Skousen was also primarily responsible for setting 
up and initially running George Wythe College 
( here in Cedar City which is now 
run by Oliver DeMille.

I've read most of W. Cleon Skousen books and have profited thereby 
although, as is the case with most of Skousen's works, they are not what I 
consider academic works (Some of them would probably make adequate Junior 
High or High School level textbooks).  To be honest there is quite a 
following here in Enoch of Dr. Skousen but I'm not among them. I value his 
works but don't place him on a pedestal as some among here do.

Steven Montgomery

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