I take it your questions are rhetorical, but I'll take the last one straight. Pakistan 
was the U.S. partner during the Cold War, whereas India, it's much larger neighbour, 
was considered pro-Moscow (which is a vast oversimplification, but let's assume that 
for the sake of argument). I predict one of the next major flashpoints will be 
Kashmir, and Pakistan is vastly outgunned by India and has been beaten by India in 
every previous war over Kashmir. And that's *with* U.S. support. AND a general as 

Egypt has a fairly good-sized army but its situation is complicated. Saudi Arabia has 
helped them out in an attempt to buy off the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) who challenge 
the al-Saud's right to Guardianship over the Two Holy Cities. The Ikhwan is strongest 
in Egypt, which is also, if I'm not mistaken, the most populous Islamic country 
(ignoring India, which actually has more Moslems than Pakistan, but they are a 
minority and India is officially secular). They used to be propped up wrt materiel and 
training by Moscow. Egypt had been anti-US because the US cooperated with Britain 
during the occupation of the Suez Canal in the mid-50s, but once
Nasser died and was succeeded by Sadat, Egypt made peace with Israel thanks, in part 
to tanks and airplanes dangled by Washington in front of Cairo's eyes (how's that for 
a colourful metaphor?). So Egypt became a US client. During the Gulf War they were 
actually the most useful of the non-Western forces. USAmericans tend to think that 
Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf led the Allied troops, but that's not actually true. The 
Egyptian forces didn't report to Schwarzkopf but directly to the CinC of the Allied 
forces. Trivia question: who *was* the CinC of the Allied forces (including, at least 
nominally, the person to whom Schwarzkopf reported).

The Ikhwan and similar organizations (even the PLO and Hamas for heaven's sake)  have 
won many converts and much sympathy by providing services that local governments can't 
or won't -- schools (including, depending on the country, girls), even water and 
sewage. It's no wonder the average Arab feels so disempowered from their government 
and their intellectual elites.

Mark Gregson wrote:

> > The worst problem is actually in Pakistan, closely followed by Egypt. Pakistan is
> > the 2nd largest recipient of foreign aid from the US (after Israel), and Egypt is
> > 3rd. He that hath ears and can count....
> What is it that you are implying, Marc?  Are you saying that the US supports those 
>countries in order to prop up the governments there so that they won't collapse into 
>fundamentalist Islamic states?  If so, then wouldn't there be a better way to do 
>things than build up their militaries?  Wouldn't it make much more sense to put those 
>billions of dollars into schools that teach reading, writing and arithmetic?  Oh, and 
>it wouldn't hurt the cause if they used some money in an advertising campaign to show 
>what a nice job they were doing in building schools and hospitals.  Don't Egypt and 
>Pakistan already have a huge enough army without US support?
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