> The worst problem is actually in Pakistan, closely followed by Egypt. Pakistan is
> the 2nd largest recipient of foreign aid from the US (after Israel), and Egypt is
> 3rd. He that hath ears and can count....

What is it that you are implying, Marc?  Are you saying that the US supports those 
countries in order to prop up the governments there so that they won't collapse into 
fundamentalist Islamic states?  If so, then wouldn't there be a better way to do 
things than build up their militaries?  Wouldn't it make much more sense to put those 
billions of dollars into schools that teach reading, writing and arithmetic?  Oh, and 
it wouldn't hurt the cause if they used some money in an advertising campaign to show 
what a nice job they were doing in building schools and hospitals.  Don't Egypt and 
Pakistan already have a huge enough army without US support?

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