Marc Schindler:

Ah, exit visas ...
But I got the impression Dan was talking about *entry* visas 
and somehow was under the impression that the Saudis 
issued entry visas to the *US*, which is of course, backwards.


Correct.  I was just adding a little color and flavor to the 
discussion.  I agree that a country issues its own visas to 
allow a person from another country to enter, and not the 
other way around.

If a country wants to require exit visas for its citizens, I think 
that is the country's perogative.  I find it unusual, though, that 
a country would require the obtaining of a visa for a foreigner 
to leave.  I understand detaining a person if there has been a 
criminal problem or something, but the general concept of 
requiring permission for a visitor to leave strikes me as being 
a bit unusual.

OTOH, if this is just their way of keeping track of who is 
coming and going, that's ok, but it is an inefficient way to do it.

But, that's just me.

Larry Jackson

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