Just out of curiosity, who's Robert K. Smith?

I think the value of Gileadi is threefold: 1) he produces an explanation of the
redaction of Isaiah which produces a unified Isaiah and therefore confounds the
normative secular scholarly assumption that there were 3 Isaiahs; 2) his
description of types helps us "liken the words of Isaiah to our day" and get
around the confusion that arises when he refers to *contemporary* events; and 3)
fwiw it raises our stature in the eyes of non-LDS scholars. His book on the
Literary Message of Isaiah got blurbed by none other than David Noel Freedman,
co-general editor of the Anchor Bible and one of the world's leading biblical

Where Gileadi got himself into trouble is in trying to identify a Davidic
personage in these latter days (something remarkably like what Pratt tries to do,
in a way).

But I think Gileadi needs to be read in balance with other commentaries. I've
been told by several people that one of the best LDS commentaries on Isaiah is
Parrys' "Understanding Isaiah," which I decided to order. I'd read some other
commentaries and always came away unsatisfied.

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 15:57 9/27/2002 -0800, BLT wrote:
> >Amen!  Surprisingly, those who most resemble your characterization are
> >members of what I call the online Isaiah cult.  They reverence the
> >writings of Gileadi and some guy in SLC named Robert K. Smith above the
> >teachings of the prophets.
> I have a deep respect for the insights of Brother Gileadi.  Cult, not here,
> thank you.  I don't agree with all of his interpretations, but he has given
> me information that helps me to real all of scripture with a better eye,
> looking carefully at the literary techniques that are all over, and for
> that, I thank him heartily.  I'm reading Nibley right now and gaining a
> great respect for his insights also.   Is there a Nibley cult following too?
> Till
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