On Wed,  2 Oct 2002 19:37:27 +0000, "Stephen Beecroft"
> -Marc-
> > Am not sure I follow your point about moral matters.
> NEWS: US kills enemies in Afghanistan, looks to invading Iraq
> MARC: Just goes to show you how corrupt the US is.
> NEWS: Canada kills enemies in Afghanistan, supports Iraq invasion
> MARC: Just goes to show you how corrupt the US is.

Hmm, he did agree with John that there was NO honorable nation on earth,
so that implies that Canada is corrupt too. In fact, he criticized Canada
for following the same policies he disagrees with the US adopting. He is
being very consistent here anyway. I happen to agree with John and Marc,
I think (ok, so I am not totally sure of my feelings on the issue yet, I
lean HEAVILY towards their views).

Is the problem that he mentioned the US and not Canada? He _did_, as I
mentioned, criticize Canada too.

I think the heart of the matter is that he felt pleased that the Canadien
troops were effective (even more so) in the pusuit of Taliban who,
despite the corruptness or lack there of of either the US or Canada, were
being jutifiably and needfully fought. He also felt that the US was not
justified in seeking war with Iraq and that Canada wasn't justified in
backing them. I still don't see any conflict.

Seriously, your problem _sounds_ like you are upset that a citizen of
another country is criticizing the US. Please tell me I am wrong there,
but I don't see why else you made this comment.

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