Currently, I think you're probably correct. For now. Will that be the 
situation tomorrow? Are Canadians righteous and God-fearing enough to 
stand alone against the world, if it comes to that? Will God fight your 
battles for you?

No, I'm afraid the Canadians are not more God-fearing and righteous than other 
peoples.  Or rather, better than some, worse than others.  So God definitely won't 
fight our battles for us.  At least, I'm not at all sure that He will save Canada for 
the sake of 150,000 latter-day saints (who may or may not merit it) and others who 
might merit it.

Our practical defense therefore lies in not unduly antagonizing other nations.  Then 
we won't have to have God fight our battles because we won't have battles.

Repentance is much cheaper and far more effective but it simply will not happen.  At 
least, that's how I read the scriptures.  Wouldn't it be great if I were wrong?

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