On Thu, 03 Oct 2002 06:35:09 +0800, "Mark Gregson"
> I'll slightly violate a personal (temporary) rule of mine and ask all
> on this list who think that Canada needs the US to protect it: 
> Please send me a list of Canada's enemies who could invade Canada.
> Your list will be empty.  There is no one.  

I don't think so. I think the list is far from empty. The list would 
include many of the same countries that would like to invade Canada. 
It is just that they are not inclined to try, just as they don't try 
to invade the US. Part (and I _DO_ know it is only part) of the reason
they don't try is _BECAUSE_ of the US. They know that if they tried to
invade Canada, they would immediately be attacked by the US. They 
don't try to invade the US for the same reason. Mexico also benefits 
from this same effect.

The US is known as a country with a very strong military and a 
willingness to protect their own intrests. (Sticking our nose into 
other people's business is another topic all together!) Therefore, no
country will try to invade us or one of our two nearest neighbors 
without having a good reason to beleive they can defeat us because 
they can be quite sure we will repell any such invasion. This subject
was tested and proved with the Cuban Missle Crises where the 
"invasion" was merely the placing of missles in a closely neighboring
country with that contry's explicit approval.

Do you not think that China would like to invade Canada if they 
thought they could pull it off? I am quite sure they would, but are 
smart enough not to seriously consider such a thing. Do you think the
old USSR would have liked to invade Canada? I sure do. Again, they 
could have beaten Canada possibly, but not the US who surely would 
have stepped in heavily to defend Canada.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't ascribe any altruistic notions to 
the US government. If England wanted to invade Canada, it is possible
that the US could be kept out of the picture if England could 
convince them that Canada as ruled by England would be a better 
allie. No enemy of the US could ever do so without immediate US 

The US government is very strongly inclined to seek what it sees as 
it's own self interest. This means that it will strongly protect a 
friendly Canadien government from any enemy agressors. I feel quite 
as sure that the Government of the US would _wish_ to intervene if 
it felt an unfriendly internal faction was trying to take over 
control of the government in Canada. I don't know if they would 
convince themselves to intervene or not as that depends on too many 
other conditions.

So, in conclusion, I think the list you stated would be empty is, 
instead, rather lengthy. I won't bother to try to fill in the list, 
but if you were to concede my arguements, you would see that it is 
indeed a long one.

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