> Am not sure I follow your point about moral matters.

> NEWS: US kills enemies in Afghanistan, looks to invading Iraq
> MARC: Just goes to show you how corrupt the US is.
> NEWS: Canada kills enemies in Afghanistan, supports Iraq invasion
> MARC: Just goes to show you how corrupt the US is.

> Hmm, he did agree with John that there was NO honorable nation
> on earth [...] He is being very consistent here anyway.

I perceived inconsistency on several different levels in his treatment 
of the matter.

> Seriously, your problem _sounds_ like you are upset that a
> citizen of another country is criticizing the US. Please tell
> me I am wrong there, but I don't see why else you made this
> comment.

No, I don't think so. I believe my meaning is reasonably clear to those 
who have followed the thread from the beginning. If I were to try to 
explain myself again, I would simply recast the arguments I've already 
presented, which frankly I just don't really feel like doing, and 
probably wouldn't do much good anyway. So go ahead and think whatever 
you choose. My point still stands; if I've presented it 
incomprehensibly, I guess that's my problem, and if you haven't read 
carefully enough to understand it, I guess that's yours. In either case, 
it isn't really very important. President Bush hasn't asked for my input 
in weeks, and Canada never sent me a refund for monies spent in BC.


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