> Let me ask you the same question I've been asking others, than. If
> the criteria that the U.S. are using were to be applied to other
> countries in the area, a much better case could be made for
> invading Pakistan. Yet instead the US pours billions into military
> aid for Pakistan. Why the difference?

I don't know.

> When someone sees this difference, is it any wonder that one asks
> whether there's more here than meets the eye?


> There is nothing here that I have said regarding corrupt governments

No, I believe either Mark or I introduced that term. I also do not 
believe I claimed that you had done so.

> You do have a sense of fairness. So does everyone in every country
> I've ever been to. It's what constitutes "fair" that begs the
> question. Different people put emphasis on different values and
> situations.

True enough, but that's beside the point, which was that Elder Nelson 
was not making a pointed condemnation of the US actions against Iraq, 
despite yours and John's opinion to the contrary.


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