> Let me ask you the same question I've been asking others, than. If
> the criteria that the U.S. are using were to be applied to other
> countries in the area, a much better case could be made for
> invading Pakistan. Yet instead the US pours billions into military
> aid for Pakistan. Why the difference?

> I don't know.

> That doesn't seem to stop you from having strong opinions on the
> issue. Or am I misreading you?

Indeed you are. I don't believe I've stated any opinions on this subject 
at all. I am interested to hear thoughts on all sides; however, I am 
most concerned about the integrity of the arguments.

> When someone sees this difference, is it any wonder that one asks
> whether there's more here than meets the eye?

> No.

> You're not the least bit curious?


> the point ... was that Elder Nelson was not making a pointed
> condemnation of the US actions against Iraq, despite yours and
> John's opinion to the contrary.

> That is not my opinion, as I've already shown.

As you've now stated, you mean.

> I don't mind taking heat for what I've said or written, but I get
> my knickers in a knot when I'm taken to task for what someone
> *thinks* I've written.

Having one's meaning mistaken is always a danger, and is usually 
irritating, even frustrating. I understand. Nevertheless, you clearly 
*were* criticizing the US policy vis-a-vis war with Iraq; and you *did* 
say that you "have a difficult time seeing how people can still, with 
all due respect, 'not get it' after hearing [Elder Nelson's] talk." I am 
curious to know what the antecedent to "it" is in the phrase "not get 
it", since you now say it isn't the evils of pursuing a war with Iraq. 
Also, you did agree with John, who clearly condemned US actions toward 

So if you now claim that you never meant that, I'll believe you, because 
I don't think you're a liar (and I rather like you). But I really don't 
think you have much cause for knotting your knickers over my taking what 
seems to me to be the most obvious interpretation of your very own 


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