> Nowhere in here is found an explicit or implicit condemnation of
> the US actions against Iraq.

> Something neither John nor I said, incidentally.

Sure you did. You wrote, regarding your criticisms of US actions against 

     "I myself have a difficult time seeing how people can still,
     with all due respect, 'not get it' after hearing this talk.
     He said 'as a CHURCH we should renounce war' and emphasized that
     it would be the descendants of Ishmael and Jacob who would be
     the peacemakers in the region.  

John also wrote:

     "I felt that [Elder Nelson's general conference address] should
     throw a bucket of cold water on some of those saints who are in
     favor of a war with Iraq. [...] I thought Elder Nelson's remarks
     would put to rest the recent thread on war vs. peace with Iraq.
     We'll see if anyone was listening.

To which you replied:

     I don't mean to belabour the point, but I'm sometimes amazed at
     the things you and I agree on.

If I've somehow mistaken your meaning, please clarify. Honestly, I'm not 
trying to mess up your words.


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