Regarding the current political environment:

At present, the apostles of Mormonism have no business making public
announcements about whether a specific war should be fought or not. Apart
from revelation and authorization from God, it simply is not the business
of the church to assume a responsibility they are not qualified to
undertake. The apostles are not privy to Top Secret intelligence and
can't necessarily determine whether a war is just or not. 

Now--if the Lord sees fit to have a revelation declared, seeing that God
knows everything, and it is the Lord's will to officially renounce a war
fought by the US government; that is another story. But, in such a case
there won't be any arguing from the church body whether the prophet said
yes or no. 

There is a general separation between church and state and that means the
state does not tell the church what to do and the church does not tell
the state what to do. The church doesn't get involved in politics. Church
buildings (including the Conference Center) are not to be used for making
public statements about the government's war making decisions. Elder
Nelson was not breaking that policy. He was simply proclaiming peace at
the pulpit. That is what prophets are suppose to do, but he was not
condemning a war with Iraq and it must NOT be construed as such! Only the
President of the Church can alter church policy on the spot and President
Hinkley remains dead silent on the Iraq issue.   

Paul O

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