Hindsight being what it is; if the circumstances of September 11th were known on 
September 9th and actions were taken against Afganistan and the terrorists on 
September 10th; I suspect alot of you would be yelling that this was a war of 
aggression and not self-defense.

Further, I suspect as President Bush said a few days ago, it will take a mushroom 
cloud over some U.S. city to take action against Sadam.

I guess an actual attack on the U.S. changes doves into hawks; or does it. Once a dove 
always a dove.

--- "Marc A. Schindler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>You have put the </unquote> in the wrong place. Neither of the sources you =
>to used the word "peacenik". The Church statement *also* clarifies that Eld=
>Nelson condemned wars of aggression, and I think that's where the issue her=
>e is:
>would an attack on Iraq constitute a war of aggression, or a defensive war?=
> Elder
>Nelson didn't say. It's my personal opinion that it would be a war of aggre=
>Gary Smith wrote:
>> >From today's WSJ Best of the Web comes the Church's official statement
>> saying that peaceniks are misinterpreting Elder Nelson's General
>> Conference talk:
>> <quote>
>> Meanwhile, the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
>> http://www.lds.org/media2/letters/0,10599,1592-1,00.html  complains that
>> "some news outlets have misinterpreted a recent general conference
>> address by Elder Russell M. Nelson." Nelson "pointed to the example and
>> teachings of the Savior as 'the pathway to peace on earth and good will
>> among men,' " the church statement says. According to Salt Lake City's
>> Deseret News  http://deseretnews.com/dn/view/0,1249,410017992,00.html ,
>> "several news organizations took statements from the talk and cast them
>> in the context of the current national debate on the issue" of war in
>> Iraq--presumably by peacenik scribes who wish the Mormons were on their
>> side.
>> </unquote>
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