>John W. Redelfs wrote:
> Sadam doesn't have an ideology.  If he does, it is "I'm boss, and I'll
> crush anyone who tries to tear down my power."  Quite a few world
> seem to share this ideology, even some in our own country.

>>Have anyone in mind?  Would you care to share the fruits of your
>>investigations?  Or were you just speaking generally about persons

I was kind of wondering about this too, Jon. We have free elections in
this country and I don't hear about opposing candidates being murdered or
"crushed". In this country the loosing party always steps down peaceably
and the business of running the government continues in different hands.
Even former President Bush stepped down so the slimy worm Bill Clinton
could muck up the white house chair. (Gee--that sounded bad but I'm going
to post this anyways)  

Paul O

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