> So I will ask yet again: why Iraq specifically and not Pakistan? Pakistan is a
> far greater threat.

You have got to admire Marc for his tenacity.  I vote for some kind of award for him 
for this constant call to examine just who needs to be pounded.  John is beating the 
same drum with slightly different drumsticks.  Both of them should get awards.  But 
maybe not until they get answers. 

No one has yet aswered either of them.  Everytime Marc says "Why not get Pakistan?", 
the reply is "Iraq is so bad" and everytime John says "The Book of Mormon is always 
about defense, never offense," we get, "The Nephites attacked so and so," completely 
ignoring the fact that the example used  precisely supports John's argument.

I'm just happy to see that neither Marc nor John is tired.  You have to admire their 

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