Wait a minute!!!!  Capt Moroni lived under the Mosaic Law. Surely that
command is what would apply to him. Besides, just because Christ
fulfilled the Mosaic Law, does not mean he totally supplanted it. There
are many things in the Law of Moses we still abide by: Ten Commandments,
for instance.

And wars of aggression were commanded by God. If something is commanded
of God, like Nephi slaying Laban, does that command suddenly get
supplanted by Christ's law? Would that mean that we should look upon
Nephi's killing Laban as an evil act, since Christ told us to turn the
other cheek and pray for those who despitefully use us?

The Mosaic Law is a Terrestrial Law. It is a subset of the Celestial Law
of Christ. It wasn't destroyed at Christ's coming, but just superceded.
If God were to command a new Zion's Army to retake Independence, would
you think it too Mosaic? Or would you just believe that whatever the Lord
commands is what is in vogue.

When Moses and Joshua led Israel to aggressive wars, the only reason God
gave for it was that those nations had ripened in iniquity and He wanted
them thrust out and totally obliterated: even women, children and
animals. So exacting was this order that when Saul mercifully saved a
king's life, Samuel hacked him to pieces to show obedience to God.  Who
was doing right? Saul in mercy, or Samuel in obedience?

As I mentioned in a previous post, Capt Moroni was involved in
pre-emptive attacks. The Nephites, in their righteousness, attempted to
drive the Gadiantons out. I know some on this list fear being involved in
world wars, or world governments, but the reality is we can't allow the
Gadiantons to grow out of control. Do I think we can stop Gadiantons? No.
But I also believe that if we stand by as the wicked Nephites did, we
will end up with a nation in decline/collapse. 

As for the CFR/TC worries of JWR and others, just what would you have us
do? Who do you suggest we trust? If even decent people are totally duped
by them, then what is the solution? Why don't we have General Authorities
warning us of them today? Why didn't Ezra Taft Benson warn us about the
CFR? In fact, If my memory serves me right, I think Eisenhower belonged
to the CFR, and he hired ETB as his Agricultural Secretary. Does that
mean ETB was duped?  Should we all move to Alaska to hide from all the
conspiracy theories? What if someone starts a new one saying that there
are secret combinations in Alaska? Then where do we hide?

The reality is, they exist and we can't run nor hide from them. I can't
fight a hidden enemy, but I can fight the ones that build armies and come
out in the open. When we have actual evidence against the CFR, then I'll
worry about them. But until they launch a direct attack on our nation or
the Constitution, I'll have to pick my battles.  I have no proof that
Bush is evil or that he is duped by evil men. Therefore, I must trust
that he will do his humanly best to guide us.

There is no question of the dangers of Saddam. Even Marc doesn't oppose
his being toppled. So let's stop pretending that all wars of aggression
are evil. They aren't. And in reality, this is NOT a war of aggression.
We are at war with a difficult enemy. The best chance we have at slowing
terrorists down is to fight those governments that support it. Pakistan
is currently playing on our side, so until that changes, we need to pick
our battles against out right enemies.

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1 @juno.com    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

And Christ came to fulfill the OT law and offer a higher law. (IOW, use
the term
"Bible" less categorically and I think you'll see a stark contrast
between OT and
NT ideas).

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