After careful consideration, Jon Spencer wrote:
>Surely you miswrote!  Are you trying to say that the Nephites were at war
>with terrorists (the Gadiantons)?  Or are you saying that the only time the
>Nephites struck out at the Gadiantons was when the Lamanites were also
>attacking the Nephites?
>If so, then its back to the Book of Mormon for you!

Apparently you have misunderstood me, Jon.  I'm saying that after an enemy 
has come against us, forcing us to defend ourselves, after we are already 
in a war not of our own making, then we are justified in preemptive 
strikes.  We can start a battle if we are already in a war.  But they must 
start the war, not us.

I hope that is more clear.  Saddam Hussein did not attack us on 9-11.  I'm 
not even sure we know who attacked us.  I have been told thousands of times 
that it was Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, but no one has offered to lay the 
evidence before the American people.  I guess we are just supposed to 
believe whatever we read in the newspaper or hear on TV.

If Saddam Hussein tries to land troop on our beaches, or actually use some 
of the weapons of mass destruction on us, then we are justified in making 
war, but not until then.  The Law of War requires us to take the first 
hit.  Actually, it requires us to take the first four hits, but one in any 
case.  The point being that most Americans are far too willing to got to 
war on the slightest provocation.  We are a warlike people just like the 
British before us.  And the Lord is not pleased.  We Americans need to be 
peacemakers, not war mongers.

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atmosphere of freedom." --Ezra Taft Benson
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