John -
Surely you miswrote!  Are you trying to say that the Nephites were at war
with terrorists (the Gadiantons)?  Or are you saying that the only time the
Nephites struck out at the Gadiantons was when the Lamanites were also
attacking the Nephites?

If so, then its back to the Book of Mormon for you!

Or, perhaps, you are actually agreeing with us, and saying that we are at
war with the terrorists, wherever they may be, and you agree with Bush's
policy.  If so, I am pleased that you have finally come to your senses.


John W. Redelfs wrote:
> After careful consideration, Gary Smith wrote:
> >As I mentioned in a previous post, Capt Moroni was involved in
> >attacks.
> Captain Moroni's pre-emptive attacks were in the context of an ongoing
> war.  I don't believe he ever attacked the Lamanites or the Gadiantons
> during a time of peace.  I'm talking about the difference between a war
> a battle.  Surely if we are at war, then a battle may morally be
> pre-emptive.  But we have not been at war with Iraq since the Persian Gulf
> War.

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