On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 07:19:38 -0400, "Jon Spencer"
> John -
> Surely you miswrote!  Are you trying to say that the Nephites were at war
> with terrorists (the Gadiantons)?  Or are you saying that the only time
> the
> Nephites struck out at the Gadiantons was when the Lamanites were also
> attacking the Nephites?

The Nephite nation DID go to war with the Gadiantons. The gadiantons had
set up a society outside that of the Nephite and Lamanite society and
basically started a war. Once they brought large armies of men to attack
Nephite cities, then yes, the Nephites did go to war with them. It became
sort of a reverse seige. The Nephites, who were holed up inside their
fortifications, staved out the Gadiantons who were beseiging them.

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