> My question, then, is what is the answer? As far as I can see, there is no way to 
>run the gadiantons out of control short of causing a majority of the people to repent 
>and seek for rightiousnes. That is what the people of the Book of Mormon had to do.

I agree.  So it isn't going to happen before the Lord comes.  All we can do is save as 
many as possible before the end.

> I suspect that even if we could do that, we would still have to "wage war" with 
>these gadiantons just as the Book of Mormon peoples had to, once they are driven from 
>control of the government, as they will certainly try to regain control by whatever 
>means at their disposal.
You raise an interesting question (hypothetical, I'm sorry to say).  What _would_ 
happen if the vast majority of the people repented?  Let's simplify by considering 
only two "levels" of repentance: a lesser form of turning away from evil, and the 
greater version of repenting enough to be baptized.

1.) The vast majority of people turn away from evil.  To me this includes forsaking 
immorality, abortion, pornography, alcholhol, dishonesty, greed and so on.  For 
example, Hollywood would lose money on every immoral movie.  Abortions and divorces 
would drop to practically zero.  Fathers would not abuse or abandon spouses or 
children, etc.

However, people would still willingly serve in government, in the media, in the 
military and still have widely different views of how to do things.  

2.) People repent and accept the gospel.  All of the above, and more too, including 
actively following the prophets.

In either of these two scenarios (lamentably, neither of which will happen before the 
Lord comes) will the end result be bloodshed?  Let's assume that the Gadiantons and 
all the core supporters of present evil (e.g. the Hollywood producer who finances 
filthy movies) don't repent.  I really have no idea what would happen.  I guess it 
would depend on how quickly it happened, where it started and how desperate the bad 
guys became.

How would a Gadianton gain control in a righteous nation?  He could only do it by 
deceit.  But once he had some power, how could he use it?  He would be opposed at 
every step.  So he needs partners in crime, other Gadiantons that have gained their 
power by deceit. Okay, so now they have a cadre of wicked men in power, opposed by the 
vast majority of people.  That is, the people oppose what those men really want.  What 
will they do and how will they do it?

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