Scott McGee wrote:

> Mark, Marc, and John,
> Let me ask you a questions. I accept that our government is sufficiently
> controlled by gadiantons that I have no real voice it. I see no way to
> elect a truly worthy candidate now.
> My question, then, is what is the answer? As far as I can see, there is
> no way to run the gadiantons out of control short of causing a majority
> of the people to repent and seek for rightiousnes. That is what the
> people of the Book of Mormon had to do.

I don't believe things are as far gone as others do. I believe much of the talk
of gadiantons being in power is the talk of the dispossessed -- those who feel
disenfranchised. Having said that, I know that as you gain more and more power,
business interests pay more and more attention to you. I'm with Mark Gregson
here, in believing that the Gadianton Robbers aren't a specific group of people
who get together at midnight and light candles on skulls for their meetings, but
simply the tendency of the military-industrial complex to integrate one with the
other (what do retired generals and admirals do? They become "consultants '' ==
"salesman" for armaments companies). So John and I agree in principle, and I am
not really sure the differences in detail are all that important.

So what can we do? We have a 1P statement that *tells* us what to do: get
involved in the political system, and learn, while you're at it, how the system
works. Very many people get disillusioned because they think politics is about
right and wrong. I'm sorry to have to tell you it isn't. It's about how to share
power. The best politicians are those who can broker power the best. This is why,
to some people, good people like Senator Hatch and Mitt Romneyappear to "sell
out". They're not selling out, they're learning the game. I don't know as much
about the grassroots level of how politcs works in the US, but to Canadians I'd
suggest that you work for a candidate (at any level), become one of their
scrutineers, see if you can get a job as a census taker, a poll clerk, whatever.
Join a political party (any one -- I don't think it matters much which one: I've
voted Social Credit, Progressive Conservative, Libertarian and Liberal) and get
active, get to know people. Join professional and charitable organizations like
the Elks, the Lions, the Kiwanis and so on.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Call up
your alderman, or your MLA's or MP's office and ask how you can help.

> I suspect that even if we could do that, we would still have to "wage
> war" with these gadiantons just as the Book of Mormon peoples had to,
> once they are driven from control of the government, as they will
> certainly try to regain control by whatever means at their disposal.
> So, once again, what do you guys see as the answer? I will accept both
> short and long term type answers so give either or both if you prefer.
> Scott

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and
falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
--Michelangelo Buonarroti

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