>Here are some of the former occupations of all the current apostles. 
Neither President >Hinckley nor President Packer could have become
wealthy from their employment, so >Paul's theory fails in those cases
(granted, they may have made money from their >books, investments,
consulting fees, etc.).  All or almost all the Brethren have >university
degrees and several have multiple degrees.  None appear to have been
>mainly manual labourers.

Did I say that a man had to be wealthy to become a GA? The unwritten rule
is that he has to have money and resources. He almost always has a
prestigious job and a fine education. That is what the Lord is looking
for. If you don't have those benefits you can't be called to be a GA, let
alone a SP. The Lord doesn't accept manual laborers into the apostleship.

>President Hinckley: employee of the Church since completing his mission.

Yes, and he worked with the finest men. You can't do that unless your
getting a pretty good salary. He worked his way to the top.

>President Monson: general manager of Deseret Press. 
>President Faust: attorney (lawyer).

$$$ and prestige.

>President Packer: pilot during WWII, supervisor of Seminaries and
Institutes of >Religion.

A pilot is about the most prestiges job in all of the armed forces. I'll
bet he had a fine salary as he worked his way up in the church religious
system which is certainly a prestiges place to be by LDS standards.

>Elder Perry: vice president and treasurer of department store chain in
>Elder Haight: district and regional manager of large retail store chain,
assistant to >president of BYU.

$$$ and prestige

>Elder Maxwell: executive vice president of the University of Utah,
Church >commissioner of education.
>Elder Nelson: Renowned surgeon and medical researcher.

$$$ and prestige

>Elder Oaks: nine years as president of BYU, and three years as Utah
Supreme Court >justice.
>Elder Ballard: various business enterprises, including automotive, real
estate and investments.

$$$ and prestige

>Elder Wirthlin: president of trade association in Utah.
>Elder Scott: Worked 12 years developing military and private nuclear
power reactors; >subsequently consultant to nuclear power industry.

$$$ and prestige

>Elder Hales:  jet fighter pilot; was an executive with four major
national companies.
>Elder Holland: president of Brigham Young University.
>Elder Eyring: president of Ricks College, 1971-77

$$$ and prestige

Need I say more?

Paul O

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