On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:09:51 -0500 Paul Osborne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Did I say that a man had to be wealthy to become a GA? The unwritten 
> rule
> is that he has to have money and resources. He almost always has a
> prestigious job and a fine education. That is what the Lord is 
> looking
> for. If you don't have those benefits you can't be called to be a 
> GA, let
> alone a SP. The Lord doesn't accept manual laborers into the 
> apostleship.
Dear Paul:
        I must wholly disagree here.  Our former stake president is only
high school educated and a construction worker.  He was my Bishop when I
was a little girl, and back then he was managing a health spa.  In fact,
we had no font in the building, so I was baptized in the pool at the spa.
 They always lived in very modest homes--not luxurious at all.  
        He is also one of the most spiritual men I have ever known.  
        The SP before him lost his job, was supporting a son on a
mission, AND SP.  They were living out of their food storage for many
months while he was unemployed.  Again, probably THE most spiritual man I
have ever known.  He spoke at my husband's funeral in March.  I swear, he
still speaks directly to the Lord.
        I don't know how you can know who the Lord accepts and who He
doesn't anyway?  You must have some bitter experience to be speaking this
way about the Lord's annointed.  I believe the scriptures are clear when
we are told we need nothing more that a broken heart and a contrite
spirit.  I see nothing there about advanced degrees or family money or an
excellent salary.  
        I'm sure if we were to do a survey of SP's, and even Area A's you
would find a majority of them are humble "Laborers".   I think the fact
that our beloved President Hinckley was a man of fairly meager means
should be enough.  After all, shouldn't we all be laborers in the Lord's
        As for resources--we are told, time and time again, to get out of
debt and to save money.  The men "UP" there have obviously done just
that.  If you want to be there, then follow the prophet.  Simple.

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