>You have to remember that this is a terrestrial/Mosaic temple, NOT a
>celestial/MP temple. We could help them build it so they could perform
>their ordinances... 

>However, the Jews
>still await the Messiah, and so are still under the Mosaic Law. Their
>temple would sacrifice animals, and if they are humble, I believe it
>would be acceptable to tthe Lord on a terrestrial level, just as it was
>in centuries past.

This is not correct doctrine. The Lord cannot accept an offering done
outside the bounds which the Lord has set insomuch as all ordinances
pertaining to the gospel must be done by proper priesthood
authority--exactly as prescribed by the doctrine and covenants of
Mormonism. Animal sacrifice must be performed under the code of Moses
4:6-8 in order for it to be ACCEPTABLE to God. 

Your statement sounds nice on a politically correct front but is
completely false.

Paul O

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