>Not only that but what about the innocents who would undoubtedly lose
>lives in such an attack?

IMO, that's all part of the deal. War is hell but we must fight it to win
at minimal cost to our own side and if nuclear bombs will achieve that
end, I am all for it. Whoever attacks this country should be made to pay
the ultimate price and that will set the example for the rest of the
world and probably deter future wars. Nuclear explosions are merciful
because they vaporize a large part of the enemy quickly and get rid of
the problem right away. Everyone is so worried about the innocents.
THAT'S WAR! The Lord and Joshuah weren't worried about the innocents.
"Slay them ALL"! The object is to win and not take any chances of
loosing. It's dangerous for a bleeding heart liberal to lead troops in a
battle and expect victory. Take that wuss Jimmy Carter for example; Oh
blah! He sent some helicopters into Iran for a rescue and that was a big
fat joke. We should have bombed Iran and set the example back then and
declared the hostages war heros. Then we could have exacted tribute and
filled the coffers of American banks as a further punishment against our
enemies. You mark my words--Iran is going to be a real problem for us in
the not so distant future. We Americans will pay for our failure to bomb
them properly as we should have done. 

Paul O

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